Types of Braces

Experience comfort, speed and results with Damon braces

At our practice we utilise Damon braces, which are considered by many to be the best braces brackets available. The Damon system was one of the original “self-ligating” brackets, and has now been copied by many other manufacturers. These modern technology brackets are smaller and stronger than older style braces. They optimise the efficiency of modern braces techniques through an advanced system that utilises a slide mechanism to hold the arch wire instead of elastic rubber ties (commonly known as “colour braces”). The outcome is reduced friction between the arch wire and the bracket, allowing teeth more freedom to move with less force.

Other advantages Damon Braces:

  • By avoiding the need to change rubber ties, appointments can be further apart, so fewer visits are required
  • The initial wires can be light (less forceful) and the teeth still align just as fast as traditional braces, meaning less pain for patients
  • The rubber ties (modules) on traditional braces tend to collect plaque. As these aren’t needed with Damon Brackets they are typically easier to keep clean

Braces Available Include:

damon-qDamon Q Braces:

Damon Q braces are comprised of stainless steel. The combination of metal against metal in the bracket slot is the most effective for reducing friction so has the fastest treatment times. The strong stainless steel composition of the brackets allows them to resist breakage the best.

Damon Clear:

For patients who appreciate aesthetics over outright speed, the Damon Clear bracket is also available. As it is a ceramic material, it looks great, but is weaker and creates more friction than steel. This means that treatment times are typically slightly slower than Damon Q braces. To minimise the effect of bracket weakness, we restrict these to upper front and side teeth, maximising the visual effect with minimal treatment complications.

Invisalign is also available upon request and may be recommended in selected cases.

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