Payment Plans

We understand that orthodontic care can be a financial burden on families, but it is also a rewarding investment that will last a lifetime.

At Ocean Orthodontics we have created payment plans that cater to patients specific needs.

Our payment plans are designed to be flexible so that you can make payments that suit your budget and maximise your claimable healthcare and tax benefits.

Simple Treatment Payment plans for your convenience

Our clinic offers unique convenient payment plans options that are managed by Denticare so we can focus on YOU, YOUR HEALTHCARE and YOUR SMILE.

  • NO INTEREST rates apply, just a $1 setup fee
  • Simple and easy one page form
  • Flexible payment terms
  • Extra payments at any time
  • Payout at any time

Denticare payment solutions can help you achieve your Orthodontic goals and THE SMILE you want and deserve for as little as $50/week

We offer a variety of payment plan options that include:

Monthly Repayment Plan

  • The monthly payment plan breaks payments up into more affordable monthly instalments.
  • These monthly repayments can be customised to a monthly rate that suits your budget.
  • Monthly repayments can be automatically debited off your credit card for increased convenience
  • Interest free

Lump Sum Payment Plan

  • If monthly payments don’t suit, the lump sum payment option allows for less frequent instalments which can be broken up into customisable blocks throughout treatment
  • Lump sums can be broken up into customized time periods
  • Interest free

Upfront Payment Plan

  • Courtesy discounts are offered for the entire payment of an account upfront
  • Upfront payment offers the best tax benefits for those that are not in a health fund.
  • Claimable from health fund

Whichever method you choose, you can be assured we are with you every step of the way.

We understand that dealing with Health Funds can be confusing and sometimes frustrating. While we have no direct relationship with these funds or any control over their rebates, we will help you to set up your payment schedule and strive to make the transactions as effective as possible.
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