Our Smile Promise

When your braces are removed, we are confident that you’ll be absolutely delighted with your results!

If you are not happy with your results:

  1. We’ll provide re-treatment with braces on one or both dental arches
  2. We’ll do the work at no cost to you
  3. We’ll pay for the appliances we use

These are the conditions:

  1. Re-treatment must be in the overall best interest of the patient
  2. The goal of re-treatment must be realistically achievable
  3. You must pay for necessary work done by other persons. This may include the removal of teeth, fillings, X-rays etc, to enable re-treatment to commence
  4. The above offer of re-treatment is applicable within one week of braces removal only as compliance with retainers can seriously affect treatment outcome.

We are excited and happy to be able to offer the latest and best Orthodontic care to our patients. For more information about how you can ‘Embrace the Experience’, email us or call 07 5493 3200.

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