In The Community

At Ocean Orthodontics we are committed to giving back to the community

Ocean Orthodontics has a strong belief in supporting our local Sunshine Coast community and charity groups. It’s one of our values to not only give happiness and confidence to our patients, but also be able to give to people in need throughout Australia and the world.

Notably, Ocean Orthodontics supports Give A Smile

Give a Smile™ is a public health goodwill concept initiated by the Australian Society of Orthodontists (Inc).

Give a Smile™ Orthodontists are ASO members who volunteer to treat, for no fee, patients selected from public orthodontic waiting lists throughout Australia.

World Wildlife Foundation – Adopt a Turtle

Adopt a Turtle WWF

Adopt a Turtle Video

Ocean Orthodontics also supports the ocean and its marine life by adopting a turtle from the World Wildlife Foundation. Every month Ocean Orthodontics donates a percentage of its revenue to the WWF. The support given to the WWF helps to:

  • Work with Indigenous partners to protect, conserve, monitor and manage marine turtles
  • Campaign to increase habitat protection nationally in key turtle feeding and breeding areas
  • Work to reduce threats from fishing through habitat protection and gear modification
  • Work to ban key pesticides that pose unacceptable risks to marine turtles and other wildlife

World Vision

Ocean Orthodontics also supports World Vision by supporting Tebenguni N Simelane (12/02/2003)

Tebenguni N lives in Swaziland and her favourite game is skipping.

i-Hope Orphanage in Myanmar

Ocean Orthodontics is proud to have contributed the final funds to the i-Hope organisation which will see the completion of a home for orphans in Myanmar. Mr Ha Thang and his wife took under their wings 17 orphans who were living on the streets under trees. The i-Hope team has worked long hours this year to raise most of the funds necessary to build a home for this ‘family’.

The children have been involved with digging the foundations and helping with the building works. You will see the photo of Mr Ha Thang with his arm in a cast and sling. He drives at night on his scooter (to avoid being robbed) with one heavy and long wooden beam on his shoulder (see the wooden beams in another photo). We are so proud to be able to contribute to the lives of these beautiful people.

School Visits – Oceana Tooth Fairy Show!

Patrick Starfish and Oceana the Tooth Fairy2Ocean Orthodontics visits local schools to present dental hygiene sessions. Children participate in an interactive session with Ocean Orthodontics mascot Patrick Starfish and Oceana the Tooth Fairy.

School visits are a short and fun seminar on the importance of correct dental hygiene. We believe that an early introduction on the correct technique and the importance of good dental hygiene is pivotal in preventing possible future dental problems.

Dr Pat recognizes the importance of dental education among young people and are delighted to be able to share their knowledge and experience through this program.

School Sponsors

Ocean Orthodontics is a proud sponsor of:

  • Kawana Waters College
  • Mountain Creek State School
  • Mountain Creek State High School
  • Chancellor Park State School

Providing yearly contributions to assist them in building new buildings and supplies.

School Support

School Based Trainee’s:

As part of our community involvement every two years we take on two new school based trainee’s to provide them experience and training in both the clinical and administrative side of dentistry. At the conclusion of their school based traineeship they will graduate a Certificate III in Dental Assisting. Many of our previous school based trainees have stayed on at the completion of their training as full time Ocean Orthodontics employees.