Oceana Tooth Fairy Show

Oceana Tooth Fairy, Patrick the Starfish and the team from Ocean Orthodontics visit local schools to educate the kids about dental hygiene in this fun show!

Ocean Orthodontics visits local schools to present dental hygiene sessions. Children participate in an interactive session with Ocean Orthodontics mascots Patrick Starfish and Oceana Tooth Fairy. School visits are a short and fun seminar on the importance of correct dental hygiene. We believe that an early introduction on the importance of good dental hygiene is pivotal in preventing possible future dental problems.

Oceana the Tooth Fairy

Oceana the Tooth Fairy

The Ocean Orthodontics team with Oceana the Tooth Fairy

The Ocean Orthodontics team visit a local school for the Oceana Tooth Fairy Show!

We recognise the importance of dental education among young people and are delighted to be able to share our knowledge and experience through this program. We treat patients from schools all over the coast. School visits are an excellent way for us to support the schools that support us and give back to the community.

If you would like a visit from Oceana the Tooth Fairy for your school, give us a tinkle!