We now have HICAPS!

hicapsOcean Orthodontics can now process your orthodontic accounts more efficiently saving you time. Next time you visit us, why not ask if you can use HICAPS to claim on the spot. No more queuing or claim forms to fill in!

HICAPS enables easy payment processing for private health fund claims. Your health fund card is simply swiped into the HICAPS terminal, the claim details are entered and in seconds the whole transaction is processed.

There’s no need to pay the full fee up-front then wait for the reimbursement of your benefit. Once your claim is authorised by the health fund, you simply pay the gap amount.

Bring your health fund membership card with you next time you are making a payment in the office and all you’ll need to pay us is the gap!

We are excited and happy to be able to offer the latest and best Orthodontic care to our patients. For more information about how you can ‘Embrace the Experience’, email us or call 07 5493 3200.

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