Sterilisation is the process of eliminating any form of microbial life such as bacteria, viruses and fungi

At Ocean Orthodontics we believe in providing the best sterilisation practices possible for our patient’s safety, hygiene and comfort. We achieve this through following a strict protocol that ensures all tools and apparatuses used during orthodontic treatment are sterilised above industry standard.

This includes hand scrubbing any visible debris from our instruments and then placing them in our state of the art “Sono Swiss” ultrasonic sterilisation machine that ensures all debris are completely removed. The instruments are then thoroughly washed, dried and placed in our state of the art LISE 500 autoclave machine to complete the overall sterilisation process. This process ensures that all of our instruments at Ocean Orthodontics are 100% sterilised and safe for use.

We ensure that our whole team understands the importance of sterilisation and conduct regular training sessions to ensure this protocol is adhered to at all times. This protocol has been designed by Professor Laurie Walsh (2012) policy manual “Infection Control for Practice Managers” and is the dental and orthodontic industry standard.

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